NC Advocat

Our mission

Our Mission

It is crucial to us to establish professional relations revolving around trust and transparency. On the basis of our extensive knowledge of the areas of counsel and litigation, we are committed to providing high-end legal services to our clients.

Our vision

NC Advocat is an independent medium-sized law firm. We do our very best to meet your requirements.

Amongst our key values, we count profound respect for our partners, dedication and absolute transparency. Your priorities are also ours.

We do all we can to provide you with legal services that correspond with your requirements.

We favour a work environment based on flat hierarchies and mutual respect that bring out the best in people.

We encourage initiative, innovation, team work, and loyalty.

Our policy

Being registered with the Metz and Luxembourg “Barreau”, NC Advocat fully embraces the ethics of the profession but, at the same time, emphasises professional and moral values.

Those guide us and help us achieve our objectives. They remind us of the obligation to do our duty and, in doing so, demonstrate a sense of respect and integrity.

We are convinced that acting according to the professional ethics is not just a slogan but indeed a necessity when it comes to ensuring our own and, in this context, our partners’ success.

NC Advocat’s fine reputation stems from the firm belief that every team member respects our values. Nothing is more important to us than our client relations that root in our commitment to defend your interest.