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Droit du travail
Labor law

Our labor law attorneys are attentive to their clients, whether they are employers or employees. We support you in your legal procedures and protect your interests. Our experts advise you and inform you about your rights and obligations under the Labor Code. Whether your legal issues concern an employment contract, a case of wrongful dismissal, or disputes over overtime, we are by your side up to the request for damages if necessary.

Droit immobilier et de la construction
Real estate law

Whether you are a tenant, owner, co-owner, or prospective buyer of real estate, we offer legal advisory services and the defense of your rights. Our firm, composed of experienced attorneys, enables you to carry out your projects in compliance with real estate and construction law. All your legal questions will find an answer, whether they concern a building permit, the acquisition of a business, or any type of real estate transaction.

Droit commercial, des affaires et de la concurrence
Commercial, Business, and Competition Law

Enforce your rights and achieve your business objectives with the help of a qualified attorney. Combat unfair competition, pursue debt recovery, or obtain legal assistance with taxation. Our legal professionals guarantee trust, expertise, and transparency to protect your company's interests. Our partnership allows you to enjoy premium services for contract drafting or handling commercial disputes.

Droit de la famille, divorce et autorité parentale
Family Law, Divorce, and Parental Authority

Our firm intervenes and supports its clients to defend their interests and assist them during sometimes difficult periods. Our family law specialists act to advise and support you legally on matters related to child support, visitation rights, and housing arrangements in cases of divorce or separation. Attentive and empathetic, our attorneys will help you find the best legal solution.

Droit des sociétés et associations
Corporate and Association Law

To protect you in case of disputes in corporate and association law, our firm has competent attorneys. They assist you in drafting bylaws or internal regulations. Our legal advice allows you to create a company, carry out mergers and acquisitions, or learn more about the specifics of your company's or association's regime. This way, you can implement your projects in compliance with current legislation.

Droit routier
Road law

Our firm in Luxembourg and Metz is your preferred contact for any legal issues related to road law. We provide defense for both victims and perpetrators of traffic offenses. Whether it involves license invalidation, traffic code violations, or driving under the influence, our attorneys advise and support you, combining dynamism and legal experience to address your concerns and defend you before the competent courts.

Nos autres compétences
Other abilities

Consulting an attorney at NC Advocat means benefiting from the expertise and professionalism of a multidisciplinary team with a wide range of specializations. Thanks to our versatility, we are here to assist you with issues related to insurance law, trademark law, intellectual property law, or immigration law. Whatever your situation, we will defend your case with dedication before all necessary jurisdictions in Luxembourg or France.

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NC Advocat is a cross-border firm present in Luxembourg and Metz,
expert in Luxembourg and French law.

Our expertise for companies

Our services for individuals

To advise you and

defend your rights

Boasting a recognized expertise in advisory and litigation, NC Advocat is a multidisciplinary law firm committed to providing high-quality legal services in the interest of our partners.

We stand by our clients whether it is for legal consultation to understand their rights or to ensure their protection through judicial recourse, whether in claim or defense.


Our mission consists of offering our partners professional high-quality assistance, which goes hand in hand with profound experience in litigation. We are committed to getting results, excellence, creative thinking, constant innovation, and taking action for the sake of enhancing the chances of success. We always aim at exceeding our clients’ expectations. We bring to you our understanding, know-how and expertise, which will help meet your requirements. Taking a stance that is both realistic and inspired by our dedication to the law, we will help you realise your projects.


The areas in which we operate necessitate particular diligence for the sake of matching our clients’ expectations with the exigencies of the law.

Against the background of our interdisciplinary know-how, NC Advocat always strives for excellence and, thanks to the open ear we have for our clients, is capable of providing personalised services. This is, in a nutshell, the stance we take when it comes to providing top-quality performance and legal counsel.


We are with you at every stage of the judicial process.

NC Advocat was founded with the conviction to offer clients an experience that differs from the ordinary. We will be the partner you trust and it will be our honour to offer to you absolute transparency at every stage of your file, on which we will keep you informed regularly. We will be at your disposal for any additional information you might require and outline to you the different steps your lawyer has taken in the judicial precess.


is what matters to us the most.

The issues you discuss with us are often of a highly sensitive nature. It is thus of the utmost importance that you feel free to discuss with us all the details concerning your affair so that we, in turn, can represent you in the best way possible. This implies that we will treat any discussion we have with you as highly confidential.

All our team members have been trained to adhere to the confidentiality standards imposed by the code of ethics.


“Creativity implies breaking conventions so as to see things in a new light.” - Edward de Bono

As is widely known, anyone practicing the law has to have a sound understanding of legal matters in general and, ideally, specialises in one or two of its facets. However, this is not everything. A good lawyer also needs to have highly-developed analytical skills and the capacity to synthesise information. His or her writing and rhetorical skills must be up to the task and, last but not least, he or she must be highly diligent. This being said, many clients underestimate the significance of creativity when dealing with legal affairs that are becoming more and more complex.

NC Advocat is proud of its creativity and suggests different angles for every file. Thus, our follow-up is personalised and goes hand in hand with solutions that are pragmatic, innovative and focused at the same time.

Obtaining results

When giving advice and applying procedures we always strive for efficiency.

Obtaining results is what we are there for. We offer our clients all the vigour and expertise at our disposal to achieve the predefined aims. We approach every file with with confidence and remain at our clients’ disposal so that their affairs can be dealt with to their satisfaction.

NC Advocat always tries to offer you several options, carefully outlining the risks and opportunities of each of those. We are proud of our team’s creativity and our capacity of handling even the most complex matters.

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Our legal team is available to study your situation by email, telephone or video via Microsoft Teams every day during our office hours.

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