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Corporate Law

Corporate Law

NC Advocat provides counsel in all the areas of entrepreneurial issues. Regardless of whether you are a manager, shareholder, representative of a company or even a corporate group, we can support you at all the different stages of business (set-up, growth, restructuring, etc).

We are here to accompany you at every stage of your company’s journey

NC Advocat shapes, secures and protects your interest in all domains of business creation and cooperation, for example merger, sell-off, acquisition, and restructuring.

We can offer you legal support but also help with the different stages of setting up your business (articles, registration, etc). We will also outline to you the different corporate forms, either when you create your own business or intend to take over another.

We also develop organisational concepts for corporate groups, with the aim in mind to secure the different entities, optimise economic operations to the highest degree and set up the best management structure possible. Thanks to our strategic partnership with Fides Consulting, this step goes hand in hand with a sophisticated tax approach.

We know how to solve conflicts!

NC Advocat supports you in court.

We intervene and advise you with any legal formality, individual or corporate, but also in any conflict related to corporate law, notably in the following areas:

  • company creation and legal follow-up,
  • advice in conflicts related to corporate law,
  • voluntary or judicial liquidation,
  • voluntary or judicial dissolution,
  • bankruptcy,
  • acquisition or sell-off of businesses,
  • partial contribution of assets,
  • transfer of company shares or stocks,
  • challenging company decisions,
  • negotiation and draft of shareholder agreements,
  • guaranty of assets and liabilities and any agreement among associates and
  • liability matters.

Commercial Law

We are in a position to help you find and apply the best commercial and legal strategy possible.

Construction and Property Law

In this area, NC Advocat offers you counsel and help.

Contract Law

NC Advocat offers you its expertise in the day-to-day facets of contract law.

Corporate Law

NC Advocat provides counsel in all the areas of entrepreneurial issues.

Contractual and tortious liability law - Insurance law

If you suffer from damage done by your co-contractor or a third party, NC Advocat can help establish those parties’ liability.

Labour Law

NC Advocat accompanies you at every stage of work-related conflicts, regardless of whether you are employer or employee.

Road Traffic Law

Thanks to our extensive experience, we can defend you in all areas related to road traffic law.

Family Law

We can help you with every issue in this area, be it divorce, paternity, the placing and keeping of children, alimony, adoption, etc.

Rental or commercial lease agreements

As of the moment when you draft your agreement, we are there for you to help protect your interests in the best way possible.


Debt collection

NC Advocat helps you with drafting the formal letter of demand, the statement of claim, matters of forced execution, wage withholding, etc.