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Construction and Property Law

Construction and Property Law

You have constructed (or bought) a building, house or flat?
You are confronted with faulty work or technical defects?
You are a business owner, a developer or an architect currently in litigation with a client or an insurer?
You are a co-owner or a property manager meeting with difficulties when trying to exercise your rights?

Or you simply need to stay on top of the ever-increasing complexity of legislation - NC Advocat offers you counsel and help.

We accompany you at every stage of the construction process

NC Advocat offers you its expertise so that you can realise your real estate projects in line with the legal requirements.

We help the different stakeholders define and map out the legal framework of the construction in question and draft documents such as promotion contracts, joint ventures, mandates, project management contracts, procurement of construction contract. We can also help you with any complications that you might be facing during or after construction (losses, accidents, disputes, suspension of works, sub-contractors, suppliers, etc).

Finally, we can act as a referrer regarding the follow-up of real-estate projects and intervene, in general, in real-estate transactions, urban planning or development – from the first step to the last, if necessary by means of litigation.

We help and represent you in the courts

NC Advocat takes care of its clients, regardless of whether they are plaintiffs or defendants.

We offer you advice in the following areas:

  • liability of architects, design engineers and business owners,
  • sub-contracting,
  • pre-delivery and delivery of works,
  • lifting reservations,
  • defects,
  • late penalties,
  • implementation of contracts (abandonment of building sites, cancellation, etc.),
  • sales of properties in future state of completion,
  • insurance covering builders’ non-payment for major structural defects,
  • legal expertise,
  • ten-year guarantee,
  • completion guarantee and
  • guarantee deduction.

Commercial Law

We are in a position to help you find and apply the best commercial and legal strategy possible.

Construction and Property Law

In this area, NC Advocat offers you counsel and help.

Contract Law

NC Advocat offers you its expertise in the day-to-day facets of contract law.

Corporate Law

NC Advocat provides counsel in all the areas of entrepreneurial issues.

Contractual and tortious liability law - Insurance law

If you suffer from damage done by your co-contractor or a third party, NC Advocat can help establish those parties’ liability.

Labour Law

NC Advocat accompanies you at every stage of work-related conflicts, regardless of whether you are employer or employee.

Road Traffic Law

Thanks to our extensive experience, we can defend you in all areas related to road traffic law.

Family Law

We can help you with every issue in this area, be it divorce, paternity, the placing and keeping of children, alimony, adoption, etc.

Rental or commercial lease agreements

As of the moment when you draft your agreement, we are there for you to help protect your interests in the best way possible.


Debt collection

NC Advocat helps you with drafting the formal letter of demand, the statement of claim, matters of forced execution, wage withholding, etc.